Smriti sudha syrup



Smriti sudha is a famous ayurvedic tonic because it strengthens the brain, Helps to control blood pressure, induces sleep. It gives stability to the brain functioning.  Memory enhancer. Helps to increase recall ability or recall memory. In Ayurveda it is called medyarasayana.It enhances concentration. Revitalises brain cells and gives soothing effect on the nervous system.

  • The benefit of smriti sudha basically span around brain functioning issues to benefit overall health.
  • The suppliment is mainly used for the purpose of inhance memory, brain functioning, induce sleep, useful in insomnia, mental tension epllepsu, anxiety states
  • Dosage: for adults 30ml in divided dosage maximum 60ml in divided dosage. For children 10 to 20 ml according to age.


  • useful in insomnia
  • mental tension
  • anxiety states
  • stress